Lloyd’s Values


Support a declaration of war against ISIS.

Increase military spending at a rate necessary to defeat ISIS.

Stop President Obama’s forced retirement of officers and other leaders with experience in defeating insurgent terrorist groups.

Champion legislation that holds accountable any country, corporation or citizen enabling the financial stability of ISIS, such as purchasing oil from ISIS.

Support efforts to nullify President Obama’s misguided Iran deal.


Force the Executive Branch to police our borders as legislated by Congress.

Sponsor the funding necessary to immediately deport any illegal alien who violates our criminal laws after serving a prison sentence.

Make certain that immigration officials have the resources they need to track foreign visitors on expired visas and remove them from the country if the visa is not renewed.

Propose deterring penalties for any state which puts illegal aliens ahead of the line by granting them Medicaid, unemployment or welfare benefits.


Simplify the tax code so that tax reporting can be completed on a form no larger than a traditional postcard.

Eliminate duplicate agencies and programs identified in 2013 by the Government Accountability Office in order to achieve greater efficiencies.

Stop the ‘revolving door’ by extending to two years the ‘cooling off period’ for members of the House who leave Congress before lobbying their former colleagues.

End Congressional pensions for life by putting Members of Congress into a 401K plan similar to the majority of Americans saving for retirement.


Support a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.

Require Congressional approval for any regulation expected to cost more than $100 million to the economy.

Crack-down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud costing taxpayers over $100 billion annually by giving states more flexibility to spend the money they save.

Allow younger workers to save for retirement on their own terms through a sanctioned and guaranteed program via Social Security.


Rally support for a flatter, fairer tax code which is simple to understand and closes loopholes.

Significantly increase the Earned Income Tax Credit so families can keep more of their hard earned money.

Put local banks back in the driver’s seat of local communities by relieving them of misguided regulations preventing them from making loans to deserving borrowers they trust.

Make certain the products of American workers are valued fairly by penalizing China and other countries who manipulate their currency to get an unfair deal.


Support legislation to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a system where health insurers must fight for your business, just like any other industry.

Require health insurers to cover pre-existing conditions and cover children younger than 26 years old under their parents’ plans.

Continue to reform Medicaid and Medicare so that it pays doctors to keep you healthy, not to keep you coming back to the doctor.


Allow states and school districts to set high expectations for students without imposing federally mandated standards like Common Core.

Ensure our students are prepared to compete in a worldwide economy by promoting trades and technical institutions to connect students with better paying jobs for the 21st Century.

Promote school choice to allow for customization of education to best suit each child’s and family’s needs.

Modernize the Federal student loan program and reward vocational schools, colleges and universities that graduate students on-time and have high job placement after graduation.


Break down the bureaucratic barriers and eliminate confusion in dealing with the VA system by advancing reforms to create a “One-Stop-Shop” approach to addressing benefits available to veterans.

Allow veterans to visit doctors of their choice, not to be hamstrung by the VA system.

Merge the electronic health records of the Department of Defense with the Department of Veterans Affairs to streamline the bureaucracy preventing veterans from getting the care they deserve.


Reign in EPA’s attempt to use the Clean Water Act to expand federal control while protecting the environmental quality of navigable waters.

Provide incentives to private landowners and public land users to protect endangered species rather than by imposing Federal land use restrictions and penalties.

Support a full repeal of the Death Tax.


End taxpayer funded abortions as part of Obamacare.

Incentivize the formation of the traditional family structure.

Halt the unconscionable practice of selling fetal parts for profit.

Preserve and protect religious freedom from Federal government overreach.

Lloyd Smucker