Meet Lloyd Smucker


Lloyd Smucker is running for Congress to make certain that anybody who works hard and plays by the rules can achieve the American Dream. Recognized as a thoughtful problem-solver by our community, Lloyd has never backed down from a fight to stand up for our beliefs.

As our Congressman, Lloyd will put Americans back in the driver’s seat of our economy by making sure it works for everybody, not just a privileged few. He will change the culture in Washington by staying focused on solutions without ever losing sight of his principles and our values.

Understanding that radical Islam must be destroyed, Lloyd will not back down from defining the enemy. Lloyd will support clear, comprehensive plans to destroy ISIS, Al Qaeda and any group that threatens our way of life. To stop the flow of illegal immigration into our country, Lloyd will champion policies to secure our borders and deport criminals.

Lloyd supports the repeal of Obamacare and will champion legislation to uphold the patient protections that have wide support, like covering pre-existing conditions and allowing children under age 26 to remain covered under their parents’ health insurance plan.

Believing that our promise to seniors must be kept, Lloyd will fight any changes to Social Security and Medicare that reduce benefits for current recipients while finding real solutions to ensure both programs are sustainable for future generations.

Furthermore, Lloyd believes that veterans earned the privilege to seek treatment at hospitals and doctors convenient to them, not to be beholden to any bureaucracy. Lloyd will continue to hold the VA accountable to the veterans it is supposed to serve.

In our community, Lloyd surrounded himself with skilled men and women to build a local construction company. His team grew to over 150 hardworking people, who labored daily against red tape and government overreach. That experience shaped his belief that government is best which governs least.

Elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate in 2008, Lloyd quickly rose as an educational reformer focused on restoring local control and holding failing schools accountable to parents. Believing that all children should have access to a world-class education, Lloyd championed reforms to ensure schools are adequately funded while stemming the skyrocketing cost of education.

Understanding that manufacturing is central to a healthy economy, Lloyd is a champion of trade and vocational-based education to make sure that students and families are well positioned for rewarding, family- sustaining careers without crushing debt.

To spur economic growth in the places that have been left behind, Lloyd crafted the City Reinvestment and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) law, positioning Lancaster and other cities across Pennsylvania for growth by increasing opportunity for all.

To change the culture in Harrisburg, Lloyd is one the few voices fighting to reduce the size of the legislature and impose gift bans for legislators. His record is strongly pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.

A strong proponent of local control, Lloyd was a 4-year member of both the West Lampeter Township Planning Commission and the West Lampeter Township Board of Supervisors.

Lloyd attended Franklin & Marshall College and Lebanon Valley College part-time while managing his business. Lloyd and his wife Cindy have three children: Paige, Regan, and Nicholas.